Youth radicalization in Mindanao is a right to self-determination PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 April 2016 13:35


Muslims are not the same everywhere. Southeast Asia, host of larger Muslim population, may be vulnerable to influences such as those adopting violence in the Middle East and Africa. We are radicalized associating legitimate self-defense from that of something historical injustices, meaning by words of intimate energy we become rebels associated with radical Islam to justify our cause would be reckless, a misjudgment.

Why the war in Mindanao is unending? There are so many reasons behind, from the perspectives and point of view of minority groups and from the government side. First, that government started the Moro war in1968, and second, government continues to cover up crimes of impunity they are so guilty about. Therefore, for as long as government denies responsibility in the warring itself, there can’t be any possibility of viably crafting solution measures for the people of Mindanao.

The armed conflict raised the awareness on the youth communities to engage themselves in a group which they believe protect their religions against threat. The lack of psychosocial interventions in the communities of young people experiencing pain (due to the loss of their love ones) also one of the factors to radicalization.On the psychological point of view because there are experiences that cause pain and the image of war imprint in the minds of the young ones. Prior to the adoption of the 1987 Constitution the native inhabitants of Mindanao already have their own political structures and traditional way of justice system, which is crafted as their identity today and in the future. Radicalization was a process and is a structure planned to mobilize people based on what they believe in response to the social context and status quo, which is known as ideology today.

The war in Mindanao is traced to government's undoing all too conspicuously. Mindanao is changing and our diverse freedom is almost at risk. Muslim communities are still struggling with the after-effects of armed conflict in Mindanao. The radicalization of Muslim youth, as to the expansion of an extremist religious group interpretation of Islam now existing but does not helping the community of Mindanao, we are at risk from within and from without.

The radicalization of Muslim communities in the Mindanao is rooted in the need to survive physically as well as culturally. Muslim communities are being radicalized proportionate to their failure to modernize themselves relative to their environments. Seen as a threat, an imposition to a people’s identity and culture. Some major Muslim communities are aggressive towards attaining peace and to address historical injustices.

Mindanao is one of the regions facing difficulties towards social constructions. The right to self-determination becomes one of the major revolution factors initiated by some groups and native inhabitants of Mindanao. These groups believe that the current constitution of our country, its development approach, is far beyond to address the need of the minority’s communities. The culture of modification may results to a positive or negative impact to the people. Humankind tends to adapt the new trends. Foremost, younger generation which is easily influenced by this structure social coercion.

This article focuses to inform the people about the activity such as radicalization where the young people are at risk, influence by this extremist group. There is an underlying question: How does the environment and the involved group ask them to do such thing? And how can this be addressed?

As mentioned above, youth radicalization is marked by diverse factors, such as lack of education which lead to engage the young people in radicalization. Economic, cultural and social contexts are the other factors that motivate them, the young generation to join the extremist group. But, in the context of the Philippines, in the political spectrum some of the groups believe their religion are threatened by the militarization as counter act by the Philippine government. The violent extremist group takes advantage of the youth weaknesses, their innocent mind which increases the chance of young members of the society being attracted towards extremist causes.

Furthermore, the lack of belongingness to their society can contribute to these reasons. According to Moeed Yusuf, "Due to socio-economic deprivation, radicalized youth are found to have a strong sense of being discriminated and are alienated from the larger society".

Most of the radicalized youth are misinformed on the social cohesion in their areas, which contributes to the transformation of the youth of today. The lack of education and with limited opportunities, their minds are instilled with the idea of having no value in the society. So, finding for an alternatives, some of the youngsters end up accepting the extremist ideology.

Another factor is family problem.  Home is one great foundation of an individual and once it is ruined by conflicts, the youth are easily distracted. Thus, the depression caused by the latter leads the youth to do unnecessary things to get rid of their problems. Factors of youth radicalization are more in numbers but what are given were some of its major reasons. There are possible ways that can address youth radicalization and can generate desirable outcomes. First, build up an active organization that provides scholarship grants to youth who can't afford education. The said organization should also engage them in livelihood programs such as handicrafts, farming and fishery. Building a respectable livelihood to the members of the society will act as an agent for a positive change in ideal circumstances. Second, conduct activities in their own society to spread the benefits to the masses and to motivate them, especially the youth to participate in doing the right thing instead of trying solely terrorism.

These activities include sports activities that will enhance their physical and mental abilities, cultural activities that expose them to the beauty of the culture they belong and also contests that will test and challenge the young ones to show up their talents and boost their confidence. Lastly, put up a counseling office among the youths who undergo downfall. It can help them understand their challenges in life and can somehow boost their self esteem. These are just some of the solutions needed for preventing extremism and building up more of these possibilities to the youth can minimize the said issue. Youth radicalization is beginning to raise serious alarm to the community. Avoiding it is essential to preserve the importance of the youth today for the benefit of the future generation. Building up plans to make the society and its peoplego straight to the right track is a significant improvement and a one big way to prevent negative outcomes in the future. -- PS