Why blame me for revealing what is happening to Zambo — Celso Print
Thursday, 28 April 2016 13:43

District 1 Congressman Celso Lobregat broke his silence amid criticisms being thrown n him by their opponents in “Team Amarillo” saying that the move to taint his image is indeed a sign of desperation.

Lobregat said that all candidates of the said group, composed of mostly neophytes in politics have maligned his name by calling him “Angry Bird”, “Congressman Sangga-Sangga”, “dictator”, and “Iron Man with a chain in the neck”.

The solon said that the move of those yellow team bets is a clear manifestation of fear of not being able to make it in the coming elections, saying that these actions are their last recourse to discredit the Lobregat administration where most of the incumbent officials running in the opposition ticket came from.

“From their two congressional aspirants, the mayor, vice-mayor and council aspirants, all of them are hitting me and calling me named they wanted it to be, that’s the kind of politics they have, nuay direcsyon,” Lobregat said.

The multi-awarded and hall of famer local executive and representative in the halls of congress lamented that he doesn’t have to banner all his exemplary performances, setting aside the countless awards and commendations garnered from the arena of local government management and sound fiscal management which brought Zamboanga city to greater heights and recognition from the local and international communities.

“Character assassination is an act of desperation and harassment to my personality, it is because they have no concrete platforms of government, no direction and a group of circus performers,” Lobregat said.

Being a three-term mayor, he said, he has not sat down on a comfort zone and did nothing for the city. Official records showed of his countless accomplishments and projects which earned him the “Most Outstanding City Mayor” of the country award.

Lobregat said that those name-calling being done by their opponents will not make or stop the momentum of his team that is pursuing a landslide victory in the coming elections.

“Our candidates in Team Colorao and guest candidates from LDP,AZAP and Nacionalista Party hereby pledged individually and collectively to undertake and pursue the following courses of action or policies in the government of Zamboanga City after our election on May 9,2016,” Lobregat said.

Commemorating the 95th birthday of Ma’am Caling yesterday, Lobregat spoke his heart in front of his family members and those present during the mass tendered by the local government in Holy Trinity Parish in Pasonanca.

The solon was emotional recalling the humility and integrity in leadership her mother has done for the Zamboangueños which was carried on by his present political group sustaining the same kind of proficiency in public service. – Dexter Yap