City dads want Beng to explain ‘overpriced’ medical vehicle PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 April 2016 13:50


The controversial pending acquisition by the city government of a mobile medical clinic with price quotation described as “overpriced” has gone “viral” after the explosive arguments at the City Council Tuesday between the majority bloc and the proponent of  a resolution seeking the approval of the purchase.

The controversial  issue was discussed randomly Wednesday in almost all radio and television programs, social and print media here in the city.

The majority councilors from the dominating “Team Colorao” has obtained official documents from the manufacturer LABOIT SPECIALTY VEHICLES based in Gahanna, OHIO,USA whicbquoted the maximum amount of $350,000 or an equivalent of P16,352,534.64 for the the Mobile Medical Unit  or a difference of around P21,537,465.36 comnared to the city government’s bid price of P37,890,000.

In a press briefing Wednesday, Councilors Charlie Mariano, Percival Ramos, VP Elago, and Myra Paz-Valderrosa-Abubakar of the majority bloc called on Mayor Beng ClimacoSalazar to come forward and explain to the people about te alleged overpricing of the mobile medical clinic which is being purchased by the Office of the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO).

Councilor Charlie Mariano said that the grossly overpricing of more than P20 million is done at the expense of people’s money.

“Cosa kame hace, man sacrifice el pasada na propio proceso masquin overpriced el purchase del tal unit, we are not giving justice to the people,” Mariano said.

He added that the process within the committee level is not yet done and they cannot press the council for anything that is questionable and the council will not allow themselves to be used and abused by some abusive officials.

Councilor Vincent Paul Elago said he smells something fishy on Committee Chairman on Disaster Cesar “Jawo” Jimenez,Jr.’s eagerness to have the  pending resolution seeking the consent of the majority of the members of the city council passed or approved.

VP Elago said that Jimenez has no respect for his fellow legislators, saying the day before the conduct of the committee hearing on the mobile medical van issue, Jimenez went to District 2 and lambasted him and his colleagues in “Team Colorao” in their political rallies.

“They    brought this upon themselves, they were the ones who were attacking us so we decided to come out into the open to tell the people and answer their unfair allegations,”  Elago said.

Elago said that now the reality is coming out into surface and the public is now understanding why some people are becoming too personal in as far as this matter is concerned.

“We have to respect each other, we are all councilors and we are elected with the same power and they should respect us. Debe dale le canamon tiempo ,so now we’re trying to see  its getting obvious in the connection why some people are angry at us, simply because we are doing our job right and we have seen it as really overpriced. We are giving justice to the people,” Elago said.

Councilor Mariano also said that it is better to be called saboteur to prevent corruption than to be called a collaborator at the expense of local funds which they can never allow under their custody as elected officials.

Councilor Myra Paz-Valderrosa-Abubakar also said that they are exercising the oversight function of the council protecting people’s money as their mandate.

Abubakar said that city hall must respect the election ban, the sensitivity of the Zamboangueños especially it is campaign season in which this questionable transaction is being pushed.

Councilor Percival Ramos also said that Mayor Climaco should come out into the open and answer these allegations why some of her allies are rushing up  this questionable transaction.

“We are not going to grant the authority and will maintain our strong position against this matter not until the mayor will properly explain to the people the justification on the surplus of P20-million where it will go,” Ramos said.

Ramos said that just like the controversial negotiated projects submitted into the council for approval, they have sensed some irregularities that’s why they are already cautious of everything the mayor is requesting from the city dads.

“If we recall, when we didn’t approve the nine projects which was rushed up day before the election ban. We were called saboteurs, ara na otro asunto del overpriced medical van saboteurs ya tamen, yes we are saboteurs for the best interest of Zamboanga and protection of public funds, masquin guinda pa na Ombudsman, I will stand firm on this to protect public funds,” Ramos said.

A DZTsource said the facilitator of the winning bidder for the medical vehicle’s purchase is prominent resident belonging to a influential family in Zamboanga City. — Dexter Yap