Monsi: No need to destroy other persons to win PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 02 May 2016 11:23

District 1 congressional aspirant Monsi Dela Cruz said in an interview that he will never degrade a woman or utilize dirty politics just win in an election.

Dela Cruz said what is important is for a candidate to have a vision and programs on how to improve the city, side by side with other elected officials.

“As the future congressman of the 1st district, I know what to do. I have a vision and a task: HEALTH, EDUCATION and SECURITY. I am ready to work and complement Mayor Beng and all our elected officials after May 9. No need to attack or degrade a woman or utilize dirty politics.” Dela Cruz said.

He added, “Our generation deserves higher ethical standards of political behavior. We must tackle issues affecting our people and beloved City, like how we intend to solves pressing issues like shortage of water, electricity, security, health, education, corruption and other problems.”

Dela Cruz said his landmark projects in Zamboanga City are visible to the people. These include the Metropolitan Cathedral, CENTRO Pastoral, two colleges in both districts (Nuevo Zamboanga College), the revitalized Lantaka Hotel, the Mercedes Barangay Water System, the Nuevo Zamboanga Foundation for the poor, the free lands shared and given to the government, the many poor families, institutions, the monthly subsidy to public school teachers in the islands, and his numerous medical outreach and livelihood programs.

“Instead of destroying persons or causing divisions amongst us, there are many positive things we can do together for our dear City of Zamboanga and people. We must have the capacity and will to inspire our people and walk the talk. Our constituents are tired of dirty politics. Our people expects us, leaders, to unite and use our God-given talents positively for progress, development and the well-being of our people.” Monsi said.

He said the time for change of leadership in the first district has come and that is he ready to serve the people without discrimination and with total commitment.