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Tuesday, 03 May 2016 13:57


Mampang Barangay Chairman Leonard Aliangan on Monday broke his silence on the raging controversy over the  Masepla resettlement site concerning the plight of  Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s) who are victims of the 2013 Zamboanga City siege.

Aliangan declared in front of residents of Masepla about the veracity of the amended Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) which he signed in front of the members of the Mampang Barangay Council on February 12, 2016.

He said he wanted the issue to put to rest and the officials concerned should tell the truth about it and not to mislead the public.

“Bien vovochao (badly bruised)  ya gat el Mampang y el mga IDP aqui canamon aserca este isyu de Masepla. De amon lang, ohajala, sale el verdad y nomas canamon usa para abla mentira na publico. Taqui yo para abla cay verdad ya pirma yo el MOA que ya endorsa el legal office,”Aliangan said.

In his certification was done last May 2, 2016, it states;   I, LEONARD P. ALIANGAN, Punong Barangay of Mampang,Zamboanga City, hereby certify that I have signed the Amended Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) sent to the Sangguniang Panlungsod attached in the February 15, 2016 letter of Mayor Maria Isabelle G. Climaco and said Amended MOA is the same document mentioned in the 1st Endorsement of Atty. Jesus C. Carbon, Jr., City Legal Officer dated February 12, 2016 stating that:

“Please be informed that the Amended Memorandum of Agreement was drafted and found to be in order by this office. Likewise, the same is duly signed by the Punong Barangay.”In Page 2, Paragraph 3 of the Amended Memorandum of Agreement, it states; WHEREAS, the herein parties agreed to amend the June 5, 2014 MOA to cover the inclusion of additional single-detached core shelters/alternative transition shelters (ATS) to be funded by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The said assistance aims to supplement the existing temporary structures/bunkhouses at the transitory site in order to accommodate as many IDPs as possible.”

Also in Page 2, Paragraph 10 of the Amended Memorandum of Agreement it states, “That the BARANGAY will allow the entry and relocation of the IDPs in the said 19-hectare lot, and shall likewise, authorize the construction of additional single-detached core shelters/alternative transition shelters and temporary bunkhouses therein”.

Aliangan said that they don’t want this issue to be used and abused in line with politics as well as be utilized as scapegoat by the local officials in deviating the real issues being confronted with regards to the plight of the IDP’s.

He said that he may not be a lawyer, but he understands pretty-well the contents of the amended MOA as well as the details of what he had signed as a concerned party in the presence of city legal office.

Aliangan said that he was very particular of the details of the memorandum he had signed and he was just wondering why the details of these documents are now being misinterpreted and denied by the LGU (city hall) itself.

“Ya dale ya kame chansa extende el estada del mga IDP’s na de amon barangay, era lang, nomas hace pendehadas canamon porcausa de pulitica,” Aliangan said.

He said that the barangay council and constituents of Mampang have rejected the establishment of the proposed 200 permanent housing units to be established in Sitio Kapuk,Mampang because this will cause another agony and destruction in their mangroves as well as the livelihood of their constituents.

“No quierre mas kame establise pa mga permanente stractura del mga IDP’s aqui canamon, bien afectao el la vida del de amon mga vivientes y no quierre mas kame alarga pa este,” Aliangan said.

The village chief recalled that they have already shown their solid voice when they established a barricade against the relocation of the IDP’s in their village years before, they have absorbed the consequences and misfortunes the IDP’s have  brought to their village and until now the constituents of Mampang continue to suffer the effect of it due to human considerations, and they don’t want the same to happen again this time. – Dexter Yap