Celso thank Team Amarillo ‘for making campaign easier’ PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 06 May 2016 11:44



Team Colorao standard bearer Congressman Celso Lobregat on Thursday  thanked their rival yellow team of Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar  for “making their campaign easier, full of colors and legitimate issues as well as for self-destructing.”

Lobregat said that their opponents made them more popular and made the voters more curious about the self-determination and aggressiveness of “Team Colorao” for safeguarding people’s money and for looking into the general welfare of the constituents.

The solon said that if not because of the questionable transactions, lies and alleged irregularities the red team might have found a hard time looking for issues relevant for political discussions  during the campaign period.

“They have self-destructed, they made wrong moves before and during the campaign period, and we cannot just stand there and leave them committing irregularities right on the faces of the people,” Lobregat said.

Team Beng Climaco branded Lobregat as “Angry Bird” for allegedly being angry against her group and always look for loopholes against her and her team mates.

Climaco branded Lobregat and his incumbent councilors in the line-up as “saboteurs” for stopping the passage of resolutions intended for the last minute project approval sought by the Climaco administration, a thing which was rejected by the majority saying that they are not against it, but it must go through process.

Lobregat said that he still thank Climaco for branding him as “Angry Bird” who looks into the welfare of the people.

“Angry Bird in reality is a hero, because Red is fighting against pigs who stole their eggs, ang Angry Bird ay galit sa baboy na magnanakaw,” Lobregat said.

The solon said that if the Angry Bird goes wild in fighting those pigs those who steal their eggs, it’s just like them as incumbent officials of the city who protect public funds from malversation, corruption, overpricing, anomalies and inconsistencies.

The series of blunders committed by Climaco’s group started during the foiled ouster of Councilor Ismael Musa as Indigenous Peoples representative in the city council, then it was followed by the Masepla controversy, the nine project loopholes, and the latest is the overpriced mobile medical van.

“We didn’t orchestrate those legitimate issues, they were the ones who brought it to the public and so our team was just giving justice to the people by revealing the truth,” Lobregat said.

The solon said that comparing the campaign sorties of Team Colorao with the Amarillo, they (red) have maintained their professionalism by revealing valid issues for the public to know as well as uncover the inconsistencies of their opponents.

Lobregat said that his team didn’t stray out of focus eventhough they are being hit below the belt by Team Beng Climaco, to some extent the personal life of their candidates.

“We continue to maintain politics with integrity and solidarity, it’s the spirit that keeps our group intact and winnable in all aspects because we support each other and are steadfast in revealing the truth in aid of public service,” Lobregat said.

Team Colorao expects to be dominant in the results of the local elections on Monday having the edge in terms of personalities, having majority of the incumbent officials and of good track record.

“If the people would talk politics with honor, truth and justice, it is the red team, because we have proven ourselves to be worthy public servants,” Lobregat said.