Monsi thanks Beng for all-out support PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 07 May 2016 13:55

District 1 congressional candidate Monsi Dela Cruz on Friday expressed gratitude to Mayor Beng Climaco for endorsing his candidacy.

“Gratitude would always be the memory of my heart”, said Dela Cruz when asked for his reaction on the public endorsement by Climaco.

He added that he will work with the mayor and other elected officials for the good of the city. “When elected soon, our people can expect respect and harmony for the good of our City. There will be teamwork and cooperation for which our people expects from all our servant-leaders. I know my tasks and responsibilities in congress and would do it with great dedication that would impact on the lives of our City and people.”

“The time for selfish personal and political agenda must come to an end. Our electorate deserves better and dedicated public servants,” he said.

Dela Cruz is known to be a generous individual sharing his time, effort and personal earnings with those who approach him for assistance.

“My advocacy for Health, Education and Security which have been my silent priorities in the private sector would surely complement the SHE Vision of our beloved Mayor Climaco. I have reached out to many Barangays with our initiated medical outreach and livelihood programs, founded institutions of learning for the poor in the 1st and 2nd district, provided hundreds of scholarships - many among them are professionals here and abroad, provided jobs and educational updating thus having Masters, Lawyers, nurses and now a doctor as my dear scholars, and successful Criminology graduates with National Topnochers in the board exams.” Monsi enumerated.

He added that many poor families and even the government have been recipients of personal free land donations from him.

“My landmark projects are visible to the human eyes: CENTRO Pastoral, Lantaka Hotel, ICAS de Tetuan, Metropolitan Cathedral, Nuevo Zamboanga College, MERCEDES Barangay Water System and many other projects. Through my service of 40 Years in Zamboanga City, I have walked the talk and made difference in the Lives of many ordinary poor people now living decent lives.” Dela Cruz said.

He added that upon his assumption into office as the representative of the city in the first District, “I am ready to work on day 1. My vast experience in the private sector would bring fresh air and new opportunities that would benefit our City and people.”

He also expressed his gratitude to all those who helped him during the campaign, “May I take this opportunity to thank not only our Mayor but the entire Yellow Team, all our barangay officials, leaders of the business and school communities, especially all our dedicated supporters. God bless and I love you all.”