Radio man gets death threat PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 07 May 2016 14:08

A local radio anchorand commentator on Friday received a death threat through an envelope containing a bullet with a note threatening to kill him if he will continue with his adverse commentaries/

Bhong Simbajon, a veteran radio anchor/commentator of Radio Mindanao Network,Inc(RMN)- Zamboanga, told Daily Zamboanga Times that the envelope was left on the driver seat of his Land Cruiser 4x4 jeep while he was doing his early morning program.

Simbajon, who is a sign-on announcer from 5am till 7am daily, and the primetime main man of the No.1 AM Radio Station in the city - RMN Zamboanga, said that after his morning program he was supposed to ride his Land Cruiser 4x4 jeep while leaving his work station when he noticed the envelope in the driver’s seat.

“Out of curiosity, I opened the envelope and noticed the bullet of unknown caliber with a note inside a white envelope that read: ”Bong,isang bala ka lang, Tumahimik ka na!” recalled the hard-hitting radio man, popularly for his fearless commentaries on various issues.

Simbajon said that the threat is uncalled for, because he has been voal on all issues affecting the ordinary people particularly on corruption, smuggling, crime, politics and others.

The anchorman believes that he might have stepped on someone’s toe while discussing issues affecting the city which caught the ire of certain personalities involved.

Simbajon has been very critical lately pounding on local authorities tagged the rampant smuggling activities in the city.

“As I usually say in my extro tagline Trabaho Lang,Walang Personalan! These lines keep inspiring me to do more in aide of public service to the people, protecting public interest is my goal as a mediaman, who else would do these if not me or the others like me,” Simbajon said.

The anchorman revealed that this threat he has received is not new to him as a broadcaste. In more than ten years he was with his former station RGMA Super Radyo of GMA Network, Simbajon already survived an assassination attempt together with the late hard-hitting commentator who happened to be his former boss, the late “Mr. Good Morning” Ludivico “Vic” Alvarez.  One of his former colleagues who is also a product of Alvarez, the late Candelario “Jhun” Cayona was also assassinated and until now, justice has not been served.

“The threat I have received makes me stronger and inspires me to be more aggressive in doing my job, a bullet cannot stop me from exposing all those issues affecting our beloved city. I guarantee my listeners and the people of Zamboanga that I will not leave them, but will keep my commentaries more stint in unveiling the truth and the real state of the city,” Simbajon said as he extends his gratitude to his colleagues in the media profession who rallied behind him and gave him morale support, and to all his listeners who continue to believe in him and patronizes him all the time and made him part of their daily lives.

“Who’s afraid of who? In more than 15 years as a mediaman I have proven my worth in keeping the people informed during the Zamboanga siege surviving the frontline for 25 days, and all other concerns of the city, this is my life and my passion and nobody can stop me from serving our people thru the microphone in the airwaves,” Simbajon said.