Lobregat thanks Zambo folks PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 May 2016 12:12

After his proclamation Wednesday afternoon, Congressman Celso L. Lobregat thanked the people of Zamboanga particularly those in District 1 for giving him the honor and another mandate to serve as House Representative.

“Ta rindi yo miles de gracias con el maga botante del distrito uno por este honor y mandato para sirvi otravez como representante del Distrito Uno.” Lobregat likewise thanked his supporters, barangay officials, organizations and the different sectors that supported him and Team Colorao.

Lobregat also made special mention of his children Looie and Celso Marco who came to help in the campaign. Lobregat also expressed his utmost gratitude to his brother Jomar who efficiently and effectively managed the campaign of Team Colorao.

Congressman Lobregat also thanked the barangay officials who supported him and Team Colorao. “Este maga barangay oficial ya sigui canamon man house to house y ya atende el maga rally y ya alsa de amon mano, nuay sila tiene miedo na administracion ni na COMELEC.”

Lobregat said that while there was an earlier COMELEC pronouncement that barangay officials are prohibited from campaigning/endorsing candidates, he personally called up the COMELEC to seek clarification. The COMELEC said that this was a statement issued by COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista but there was no COMELEC resolution to this effect.

“Congratulations to the Magnificent 7 who made it to the Council, Councilors Myra Paz Abubakar, Boday Cabato, Rudy Lim and Charlie Mariano of District 1 and Councilors Mike Alavar, BG Guingona and Lilibeth Nuño of District 2. Add the two sectoral representatives Councilor Jerry Perez, ABC President and Councilor Ismael Musa, IPMR makes for a Formidable 9.”

“Yes this was yet another victory for some of us but to me it was somewhat a sad victory, as some of our partymates and friends did not make it. I lost a partner in Congress - Cong. Lilia Nuño and two of our re-electionist in District 2, Councilors Percival Ramos and VP Elago were not successful in their bid. Sayang gayot,” Lobregat added.

“Ta dale tamen kita gracias y ta ofrece kita el de aton sympatia con Noning Biel, Vic Liozo, Lit-lit Macrohon, Kaiser Olaso y Haj Sandag na Distrito Uno y Kit Barredo, Rey Candido, VP Elago, Jun Graciano y Percival Ramos na Distrito Dos y con el de ila maga familia.” Lobregat said and added, “we campaigned together and always stood by each other’s side, unfortunately not all of us made it but I enjoin all of us to continue to be together. Continua kita man hunto-hunto.”

“Given the fresh mandate, I will serve the people of Zamboanga especially District 1 with all sincerity, integrity and not only do my best but also what is required of me. I will be there ‘til the very end, fighting for Zamboanga City’s interest, standing firm for what is best for Mindanao, upholding the Constitution and protecting the Republic.”

“Rest assured as Congressman, I will represent not only those who voted for me but everybody including those who did not vote for me and those that did not vote at all. I will represent young and old, women and men and those belonging to other genders, Christians, Muslims, Lumads and people of all walks of life regardless of status, ethnicity, religion or culture. ADELANTE ZAMBOANGA!” Lobregat stressed.