CEO readies drainage cleanup in preparation for rainy days PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 13 May 2016 11:55


The City Engineer’s Office in coordination with other offices concerned is readying plans for the massive cleanup of the drainage systems, particularly in low-lying areas downtown.

This, City Engineer Luis Despalo said, is in preparation for the upcoming rainy reason, during which some areas in the city proper are usually flooded because most canals and sewerage systems are clogged with garbage and other refuse materials.

Personnel of the City Environment and Natural Resources Office and the City General Services Officer are to assist in the cleanup drive.

Aside from the cleanup campaign, the CEO is also currently implementing the rehabilitation of the drainage system in the city proper, a project undertaken by private contractor.

In another development, Engr. Despalo revealed that his office is also pursuing the implementation of various infrastructure projects that were awarded to the different contractors before the election ban took effect on March 25.

He said the election ban did not affect the implementation of most projects as contracts were awarded before the Commission on Elections (Comelec) imposed the restriction on government projects.

Despalo further said his office had submitted to the City Legal Office a list of projects sought for Comelec exemption prior to the start of the election period.

Under the Comelec rules, continuing infrastructure projects, including private-public partnership (PPP) projects, were not covered by the campaign ban. Projects that have been started prior to the imposition of the ban continued even during the ban period.

The restriction on government projects was intended to prevent these from being used for campaigning.

The Omnibus Election Code cited several prohibited acts during the campaign period, which runs from March 25 to May 8. It includes the “construction of public works, delivery of materials for public works and issuance of treasury warrant or similar devises for a future undertaking chargeable against public funds.”— Vic Larato