Zambo gets rains, but water rationing stays PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 May 2016 11:35

Despite the occurrence of rain showers, Zamboanga City Water District still follows the every-other-day water rationing schedule since the dam level has not yet stabilized at normal levels.

The accumulated volume of water is not sufficient to stabilize ZCWD’s dam at normal level since most of the stream flow seeps into the ground before it reaches ZCWD facility for treatment and distribution.  At best, the rains for the past few days have recharged the ground water sources of the city which has been greatly depleted with the onset of El Niño.

The rain has only provided temporary relief in some areas with the momentary increase in dam level which increased ZCWD production for a short time.  The increasing water demand by consumers in times of rationing has also brought down the dam level to below normal almost instantaneously.

According to PAGASA, the onset of the 2016 rainy season associated with the rain – driven southwest monsoon or “habagat” will likely happen between late May and the first half of June.  This is expected to stabilize the dam level and see a steady rise in ZCWD daily water production.

Pipelines and Appurtenances Maintenance Department Manager, Engr. Efren C. Salvacion said PAGASA predicted that the city will still be experiencing the effects of El Niño until the end of 2nd quarter 2016. “If the situation will improve, we will immediately adjust the water rationing schedule with lesser hours of no water in the entire service area of the district.”

Some areas are still expected to experience low or no water during rationing schedule due to low water pressure.  The proliferation of illegal use of booster pumps and illegal connections are also causing uneven distribution of water and deprives other consumers to potable water during rationing schedule.

It also poses health and sanitation hazards as the forceful drawing of water from ZCWD pipes will introduce harmful elements to the water supply, which booster pump users, including their neighbors will consume.

ZCWD still urges the public to help conserve water and immediately report leaks, illegal use of booster pumps and illegal water connections.

To report or for any concern please call ZCWD Customer Care Division 955 – 1007 to 1008; WTP 991 – 1553 to 1554 loc. 108 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM or visit our web page @ or FB page @ B. SalipAkarab – PRO CREAS ZCWD)