Sadain urges Lobregat to stop competing with business sector PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 19 July 2011 17:18

“Stop competing with the business sector!”
Thus, the strong call of Councilor Mel Sadain as he urged Mayor Celso Lobregat to use the huge funds of the government to maximize the improvement of peace and order and public services to benefit the people instead of competing with the business sector.

Sadain asked Lobregat to prioritize the increase of social services to the people like burial and medical assistance and scholarships to poor but deserving students.
He said the present administration should balance the infrastructure program by focusing on livelihood, social services and employment generation of the people, as well as improving the peace and order of the city.

“Many poor residents are suffering. I hope this administration will be able to focus in providing benefits to the people instead of concentrating in just making money all the time,” Sadain said.

According to Sadain, after increasing the real property tax, Lobregat and his allies in the City Council are now pushing for an ordinance that will allowing the city government to venture into the production and selling of tourism products and souvenir items thus, competing with local entrepreneurs who are already engaged in the
same business.

“Instead of the government serving the people, it is now the people who are serving the government,” Sadain stressed.
The government also started the construction of a convention center at Paseo del Mar which is expected to also compete with existing convention centers in the city owned by prominent investors.

He said the huge money deposited in the banks should already be used to benefit everybody, adding that the present administration should not only concentrate on how to compete with the businessmen in the city.

“If you go to the Paseo del mar and urinate, you will pay P5. While you only pay P1 to P3 in malls. if you park your car at Paseo del Mar or Bagsakan center, we are charged P10 or more depending on how many hours you will park the vehicle. At LB Supermarket, the parking is free. Now the city government is already putting up a business to sell souvenir items to the people while using the people’s own money as capital?”

He called on Lobregat to visit the barangays and directly ask the people what they want from the government, and stop milking the businessmen and the people of Zamboanga for more money just to be deposited in the banks in exchange for huge interest. — NS