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Sunday, 22 May 2016 15:03

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Three days was it that SS missed seeing print? Guess so. But SS is back. Knock and call on the world. Hello.

It was a very pleasurable trip to the two towns we visited. In Siocon, we attended the 1st anniversary of the chartering of the Philippine Eagles Club. And our gracious host was Boboy Soriano, club president. In Ipil, we were hosted by Pierre Macapil, Eagles WMR-3 governor.

There, we came to know that the same influential families in both areas and neighboring provinces failed to make their respective political comebacks. They are the Sorianos of Siocon, the Cariños of Sirawai, the Jalosjoses of Sibugay and Zamboanga del Norte, to include Yebes. Scores of residents we met in the places spoke of massive vote-buying.

In Ipil, Mayor Edwin Alibutdan, immediate past President of the Ipil Eagles club, made it as vice governor of Sibugay.

In neighboring Sibuco, not knowing the results, we venture to say that as the Eddings managed to even retain their respective posts in spite of the Team Pinoy machinery and Comelec connections in 2013, it is undoubtful they were eased this time.

The predictably, too, same is true for the Jalosjoses in Dapitan City. We will check later on our free time.

* * * *

Congratulations to the newly-inducted youthful chairman of the vast and populous barangay Sta. Maria, Los Ely Angeles.

Being the No. 1 kagawad, he succeeded Abe Solis Tan, who had tendered his voluntary resignation amid fiscal problems he is boldly facing, and was quoted as saying in his resignation letter, “... whatever the outcome of the find(ings) from the Commission on Audit (COA), I am very much willing to cooperate and to comply with the payback of any monetary liabilities and others.”

Aware of the cautious ways of Angeles, we are sure it will be walk in the park for him as head of the barangay government in Sta. Maria.

Power up, Los!

* * * *

As early as now, there is infighting within and from the outside among the inner circle of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte . Reported to be at the center of the controversy is Christopher Go, Duterte’s top aide, who evaluates all incoming communications for the mayor.

And from the outside, Born again Christian leader is griping. Quiboloy and Duterte’s friendship dates back to 1988, when the former was the latter’s vice mayor. He is also said to be one of the biggest contributors to Duterte’s campaign kitty, yet as admitted by spokesman Peter Laviña, was left out in the cold.

* * * *

In the meantime, the brotherhood of pen pushers is vigorously opposing the appointment of lawyer Salvador Panelo as presidential spokesman. Leading the opposition is the National Press Club headed by Paul Gutierrez. A statement was issued urging incoming President Duterte to reconsider said appointment. The main irritant of the NPC at Panelo is that he’s the lawyer of the Ampatuans, the main suspects in the 2009 Maguindanao massacre in which 34 media men were among the victims.

“Definitely, members of the press would find it hard to interact and work with a presidential spokesman whose main clients are the suspects in the wholesale murder of the members of the press that has outraged the entire world,” Gutierrez was quoted as saying.

Panelo’s defense of the Ampatuans has understandably drawn the ire not only of the press but also of relatives of victims of the Maguindanao massacre, in arguing forth frame-up.

* * * *

Observers are up in arms against  the Joint Congressional Oversight Committee on the Automated Election System (JCOC-AES) for cancelling Friday’s hearing on the  unauthorized change in the script in the transparency server of the of the VCMs, know now as the Vote Cheating Machines.

Opinionist Efren Danao reports, at the head of the pack are an election watchdog and Information and Technology (IT) experts who lambasted the (JCOC-AES). The postponement came due to the absence of the Smartmatic technology provider representative/s.

Why can’t the hearing be conducted if this is not there?” they questioned, claiming it was a flimsy excuse because the hearing could proceed since it is the Comelec that needs to answer the more important questions on the holding of the elections including the system employed in the electoral exercise.

* * * *

A business executive who has done much work in integrating information technology in business management has expressed astonishment at the gross violation of the first principles of database security and change management by Comelec and Smartmatic.

He pronounced, elections in the Philippines are determined not by who votes, but by who counts the votes.

And according to writer Yeng Makabenta, the US-based executive knows what he is talking about, who described the offense as Comelec’s staggering unprofessionalism and irresponsibility

“The fact that Comelec is so base about something so critical shows either a complete lack of IT understanding, or something more sinister.” the executive added.

Never can a change be made to a live running system. And never can a supplier ever be given free, and sole, access to the Comelec systems.

And that all changes must go through a formal change control procedure, duly tested and signed off.

* * * *

Ex-Sen. Kit Tatad now writing for TMT says that in the vice presidential debates, Sen. Bongbong Marcos was a cut above the rest, as he outperformed his rivals on all counts.

Tatad went on, “… the VP debates was far more instructive than the last two presidential debates in Cagayan de Oro and Cebu, and that Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. outshone and outflanked all his rivals and adversaries.

On TV, he added, Bongbong was not only pleasant to look at; he was above all cool, unflappable, and intelligent. Against Cayetano, who pompously repeated Duterte’s ambitious promise to solve the nation’s criminality, drug and other major problems in three to six months, Marcos very gently reminded the latter that it was to him (Bongbong), rather than to Cayetano, that Duterte had promised to hand over “his presidency,” if he wasn’t able to deliver on the things he had promised to do in a few months.

* * * *

The tough-talking columnist, Rigoberto Tiglao. also of TMT, declares, “President Benigno Aquino 3rd will go down in history as the country’s worst President ever.”

He continued, “One might accuse his predecessors, fairly or not, as having stolen from the state’s coffers. But this President damaged the very institutions of our Republic, and the effect of that would be to put the Philippines a decade back in building a modern, prosperous nation-state that uplifts the welfare of all its citizens.”

Justifying his statement, Tiglao averred, “To better understand this, remember that in the last two centuries, the method or discipline of rational inquiry (or simply the scientific method) has subjected, and demystified in many cases, nearly all phenomena under the sun, both natural and those created by humanity.”

* * * *

Earlier, even as then candidate and now Pres.-elect Rodrigo Duterte had separate verbal tussles with Australian and American diplomats, the latter, not waiting for an official proclamation, immediately and formally congratulated  Duterte, and offered his hand in friendship. So did, the Australian foreign minister yesterday.

But no word had so far been reported on Duterte’s reaction to either offer..

As written here earlier, the pres.-elect must take the cue from there. Now, is the time to mend fences with widely acknowledged long-time close allies, as the gentlemanly initiative has come from them.

The messages and manifest offer of friendship must be reciprocated. What you think?

* * * *

Lawyers of Sen. Marcos had officially filed criminal charges against the identified Smartmatic and Comelec experts who openly admitted to have changed - without Comelec en banc permission - the script in the transparency server of the of the VCMs, known now as the Vote Cheating Machines.

Good move. It’s not enough for Comelec to un do the wrong and effect corrective measures on the outcome of the results.

Mangling of the election results is a grievous offense. Unpardonable. The pilferers must go to jail. Agree?