Fake cop nabbed after extortion try in Labuan PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 May 2016 11:32

A man who pretended to be a policeman and his female companion were arrested after they tried to extort money from some businessmen in Labuan last Monday.

Police identified the suspects as Joel Toribio y Sali, 36, who falsely identified himself as a policeman of the Police Regional Office 9 and Esterlita Salcedo y Sagosio, both natives of Barangay aguada, Isabela City.

Chief Insp. Raymond Sanson, Labuan Police Station chief, disclosed that the duo went to Danggo Revillas in Patalon and demanded from him money and a sack of rice every month as they were allegedly tasked to issue permit to quarry in the city’s west.

The two also went to Marisset Gregorio, manager of Phoenix Gas Station in Labuan and talked to some staff about protecton money and sacks of rice.

However, the owner of the gas station was not around that prompted the two to leave the place.

Gregorio reported the incident to the Labuan police that led to the arrest of the two.

The suspects were arrested along Labuan highway during a follow-up operation around 12 noon.

Sanson said the suspects were detained pending the filing of charges in court for violation of usurpation of authority and extortion. – Dan Toribio