CEO urges barangays to help clear waterways PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 May 2016 11:34


The Office of the City Engineer has appealed for public cooperation and support in maintaining the cleanliness of water systems and drainages in the City in preparation for the rainy season.

City Engineer Luis Despalo yesterday urged all barangay officials and residents to take proactive action in cleaning their waterways to prevent the clogging of drainages with garbage and refuse.

“Tan appeal yo con maga barangay officials to help us clean our drainage lines. No mas pirmi man rely on the City Engineer’s Office to clean up el maga basura na tan clog con el drainage systems,” Despalo said.

He also called on the community to also do their part by not throwing their garbage anywhere, and to maintain cleanliness of their areas and their barangays by keeping to the disposal schedule and designated disposal areas.

In preparation for the rainy season, the Office of the City Engineer is coordinating clean-up efforts to clear canals, drainage and sewerage systems which are often clogged with garbage and refuse.

According to Despalo, clean-up teams have conducted the declogging and clean-up of water system sections in barangays Guiwan, Tetuan, Canelar, and Zone IV.

Clean-up is also being conducted in the city proper such as the Pilar Street area.

Despalo likewise urged barangay officials to educate their residents on the proper disposal of garbage, and foster a sense of discipline and instill good disposal habits within the community to prevent the immediate clogging of canals and drainage as the Office of the City Engineer has limited resources and manpower.

He also added that majority of the drainage and canals cleared by the clean-up teams were thickly clogged with garbage and refuse, which then interfere with the functionality of the water drainage systems, and cause flooding in low-lying areas of the City. — Jasmine Mohammadsali