Bellas festival set Saturday PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 May 2016 11:55

Set to showcase Zamboangueño creativity and beauty, the annual Festival de las Bellas y Flores will once again bring together the finest gown and arco creations from the City’s top designers on Saturday, May 28.

This year’s design competition will feature nine Zamboangueño designers who will vie for the winning slots in the Gown design competition, and the Arco design competition. The nine models showcasing the gown creations will also be participating for the Prettiest Señorita title.

The competition will officially kick off at 5 PM with a parade from City Hall grounds to the Paseo del Mar for the program proper where winning entries will be awarded with cash prizes and plaques of recognition.

This will be followed by the Danza Verano street party at the Paseo del Mar Esplanade, which will culminate the 2016 Summer Festival

For the Arco competition, entries must follow prescribed dimensions and should be accentuated by fresh greens, flowers, and lighting effects. All entries will be judged for originality, creativity, craftsmanship, and impact.

For the Gown competition, entries must reflect and highlight the vibrant colors of the vinta sail, a nod to the cultural heritage of the City. Gowns will be judged according to craftsmanship, concept and design, aesthetic appeal, and impact.

Meanwhile, models will automatically compete for the Prettiest Señorita title, and will be judged according to beauty, physique, poise and posture, and stage presence.

The Festival de las Bellas y Flores, one of the highlights of the 2016 Summer Festival, is an activity that seeks to showcase creativity and craftsmanship of upcoming and top designers. — Jasmine Mohammadsali