Celso orders aid, probe on floods in 4 barangays PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 22 July 2011 13:48

Floodwaters more than 5 feet high swept through portions of barangays Quiniput, Bolong and Bunguiao Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively destroying properties and displacing families.  Portions of Lubigan were also affected by the rising waters Tuesday.

As this developed, Mayor Celso Lobregat motored to Mangga, Bolong Wednesday night to personally check on the condition of the victims as well as check on the damage wrought by the flashfloods believed to be spawned by heavy rains in the forests. Accompanying the mayor to Bolong were Councilors Lilia Nuño and Abdurahman Nuño.

A partial report submitted by City Social Welfare and Development Officer Francisco Barredo placed the combined number of families affected in all barangays at 135 (45 in Bunguiao and 90 in Quiniput) with a total of 405 dependents.

A total of 24 houses were destroyed—2 were swept away in Bungiao; 5 houses partially damaged in Bunguiao; 1 house totally damaged in Quiniput and 16 houses partially damaged in Quiniput.

Mayor Lobregat has ordered City Engineer Luis Despalo to check on the cause of the rising waters citing specific reports that portions of Bungiao and Bolong rivers have been illegal blockaded causing floodwaters to sweep through houses and other structures including agricultural areas.
The mayor wants the obstructions destroyed the soonest possible time to prevent a repetition of the incident.

The chief executive likewise instructed City Environment and Natural Resources Officer Engr. Rey Gonzales to check on the environmental causes of the flood that hit the four barangays.

An unmanageable level of water spawned by a heavy downpour Tuesday flooded portions of Quiniput and Lubigan some 4 hours after it started at 11am. Aside from ruining houses, the floods also damaged properties and swept away domesticated animals.

Barredo’s social workers immediately distributed relief assistance to the victims, who were mostly from Quiniput area.
On Wednesday afternoon, continuous rains in the forest also caused rivers to swell in some parts of Bolong and Bunguiao.
Residents in the affected areas were temporarily evacuated but were later allowed to return when the water subsided. 

As of press time, assessment of the affected families and the damage to property continues in preparation for submission to the Office of the Mayor. —Sheila Covarrubias