Suicide attempt: Man jumps from overpass PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 29 May 2016 14:23



A man suffering from despair attempted to kill himself by jumping from the pedestrian overpass outside Sta. Cruz market last Friday night.

Jun-Jun Patris, 37, a native of Maluso, Basilan sustained injuries in the head and was taken to the hospital.

Bystanders and passersby had seen Patris behaving abnormally while walking down the overpass. Moments later, he went up the overpass then climbed further to its iron fence and threw himself down the road.

When Patris landed on the pavement with bleeding wound in the head, he signalled a policeman to shoot and kill him.

The policeman instead called for an ambulance and Patris was taken to the hospital.

Policemen were trying to find out Patris’ problem that pushed him to commit suicide. – Dan Toribio