Adios verano! PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 30 May 2016 13:36


BY Sarita Sebastian


Summer season has officially ended.Thank God,  the conduct of our Summer Festival went on smoothly. We’ve had visitors/tourists coming from as far as Europe , USA and Asia.

Yeah, some of them were bloggers, bird watchers,beach enthusiasts ,food trippers ,while  others were typical Kulturati. All of them gave the same positive impression about our city (gracias a Dios ) and  have promised to come back with their friends.

Locally, some of our residents also enjoyed the Festival de Verano ( summer festival ) as they were given different choices too in as far as pocket events were concerned. While some compoblanos headed on somewhere, yeah, why not? Coconut!

But in totality, Summer of 2016 was great, more so with the conduct of national and local elections. Muchas gracias a todos!


The month of June will never be lull or easy for us in the City Tourism Office ,unlike the rest .Yeah, we shall move on to another level of energy to be able to implement programs in areas of Tourism Regulation and Governance,Tourism Development and Tourism Marketing and Promotions.

The plans are already in place. It’s a matter of executing the different strategies. Yeah, apart from having the passion, you need to have the strategies to succeed.

But of course, everything will be dependent on the kind of support you will get from your superiors. Si tiene supporta bueno, si nuay man, pues morde codo!  It’s not worth it to stress yourself. Believe me, been there and done that. Always remember, at the end of the day, your career will never love you BACK. It’s a one way ticket. Na cosa tu quiere? Bien caro el medicina ding!


I am so disappointed with the kind of tourism trainings being conducted by some schools in the city .Gosh, at one point I almost had a cardiac arrest listening to one OJT (assigned in our office), how she answered  our office telefono. Que simple trabajo, but man...totally disgusting!

I can’t blame the students because some of them come from Timbukto. Pero por dios y por santo, how the hell these students were trained? Que clase de systema tiene el los de mas escuela? Sapando de los buenos.

My team had to debrief some students on the subjects and trainings accorded them. We had to teach them the basics. Dol kame ya keda maga teachers , trainors or mecaniko.Yan over haul kame canila.

I pity the students for the substandard trainings they get. It’s unfortunate that some schools are only after the money. They never care about the quality of trainings they give to their students. Mga greso cara. Sabe lang ase sen con el maga estudiante! Ojala ay tupa kaninyo kidlat cay llega ya si La Niña, serca ya ding, bantay lang jud  mo... ya abla si Tatay Digong! —  Email me at