Man jailed for firing pistol indiscriminately PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 01 June 2016 13:28

A resident of Tagasilay was jailed after he fired his gun indiscriminately last Monday afternoon.

Jailed was Ben Samson y Falcasantos, 40, of Sitio Diutay Sangali, Tagasilay.

A police report disclosed that Samson fired his .45 caliber pistol on the air prompting some of his neighbors to report it to Police Station 1 in Vitali.

Policemen led by Insp. Rodolfo Gonzales under the supervision of Chief Insp. Salvador Galvez rushed to the said place and arrested Samson.

Recovered from Samson’s possession was a .45 caliber pistol with inserted magazine. Three spent shells were found in the surroundings.

Police took the suspect to the police station where he was detained while the gun was forwarded to the 9th PNP Crime Laboratory for ballistic test. — Dan Toribio