Worker survives ‘salvage’ attempt PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 01 June 2016 13:29


A construction worker miraculously has survived from an extra-judicial killing carried out by some tanods of Barangay Kasanyangan.

Randy Kiwilan, 25, a resident of Picnic Ground, Tugbungan, was found almost dead by residents of Sitio Buggok, Kasanyangan around 7 a.m. Monday

While conducting ocular investigation at Sitio Buggok, men of the Tetuan Police Station led by Supt. Nonito Asdai and the scene of the crime operatives (SOCO) noticed that Kiwilan was alive despite he was hogtied and face wrapped with packing tape and having multiple hack wounds in the body.

Immediately Kiwilan was rushed to the hospital aboard an ambulance.

At the hospital, the construction worker told the police that his tormentors were barangay tanods of Kasanyangan. He was walking along Kasanyangan road early dawn Monday when he was held by six tanods who hogtied him and wrapped his face with packing tape, then taken to an unknown place which was later known as Sitio Buggok where he was hacked several times.

Thinking that he was already dead, Kiwilan was dumped in a corner.

During a police line-up at the hospital, the victim positively identified three tanods who were among the six who tried to kill him.

The three were identified as Abdill aSabatulla y Ismael, Hakim Elhano y Abubakar and Eustiquio Antimano y Naong.

The suspects were detained at the Tetuan Police Station pending the filing of charges in court.

Police were still pursuing for the three other suspects. – Dan Toribio