Pension of poor, aged tainted with disparity PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 03 June 2016 14:07


BY Jack Edward Enriquez

Like the rest of the nations of the world, here in the Philippines the government is giving top priority to the unfortunate sector of society— the sick, mentally ill, the disabled, aged and the poor in the distribution of social services.

The latest we have is the PhilHealth to take care of the health needs. The services in the mental hospital were improved including the mental ward in public hospitals.

Several programs fotthe benefits of the disabled persons have been conceptualized and implemented. To lessen the impact of poverty or, if possible, suppress it once and for all the government is presently implementing various programs on poverty alleviation like the conditional cash transfer of the Pantawid Program. For the benefits of the senior citizens, Congress has passed laws like the RA No. 9994. And the latest step taken by the government is the granting of monthly social pension to indigents senior citizens aged 70 years above who have no insurance nor other forms of benefits or means of income. Certainly all these remedial measures were spurred by sheer compassion and humanitarian reason.

Public officials, civic leaders and philanthropists have joined efforts to alleviate the deplorable plight of this special sector of society. In fairness. We could see the laudable results enjoyed by our unfortunate fellowmen. Although it seems impossible to be free from villains and greedy detractors who are out there to take advantage of the languid situation for their own personal benefit.

Based on the feedbacks reaching us, a 71-year-old OSCA registered man in Tugbungan had applied for the social pension about five months ago. He is a disabled person without any means of living except to rely on his children who have their own families to feed. During follow-ups the workers of the DSWD sub-office in Tetuan simply advised to just keep on waiting.

Until when? Maybe until the 12th of never.

Would you know how men and women like him in this city share the same predicament? They are in dire need of this meager assistance from the government especially in remote sitios and islands.

According to my friends in media, the government is loaded with good laws, policies and programs. Yet many people still feel neglected or discontented with the performance of the bureaucracies. Why? Something must be wrong with the implementation as well as the implementors.

Reportedly our economy is growing strong and the Philippines is rising like a tiger in Asia. However, many cannot believe it; Really?