Concern aired over impementation of K to 12 in Basilan PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 05 June 2016 14:11


ISABELA CITY, Basilan – Sectors in Basilan have raised concern over the safety and security of high school students attending the Senior High School program of the Basilan National High School (BNHS) in this city.

Dr. Lyna Basri, representing the Isabela City Schools Division at the multi-sector consultation meeting, revealed that the implementation of the senior high school this year faces some challenges particularly on the issue of lack of classrooms and the needed facilities and equipment needed to support the skills development of the tracks offered.

She said that four high schools will implement the K to 12 senior high enhanced programs, namely, Isabela City High School, Begang National High School, Malamawi National High School and the Basilan National High School.

“For the 4 high schools in Isabela City, the government has already made budget allocations to build more classrooms to the Department of Education with the Department of Public Works and High Ways as implementing agency. But because of the delay in the construction of building our students will need to sacrifice,” she said.

She added that only the Malamawi National High School is ready to utilize its almost finished classroom building by June 2016.

With the nationwide problem of the lack of classrooms for the senior high students, the option to implement shifting is not remote to Basilan National High School (BNHS), who planned to hold senior high classes (Grade 11) from 1:00 to 9:00 pm. and junior high classes is from 6:00 am to 12:30 pm.

With the possible evening classes, issues on safety and security were raised because of poor lighting facilities in the campus and its surroundings. Some of the students may also be coming from remote and far flung communities.

In a phone interview, Dr. Helen de Leon, one of the supervisors of DepdEd-Isabela said that shifting is not encouraged and still the last option to implement the senior high school at BNHS.

“We are looking into maximizing the number of students in lower years to accommodate about 50 to 60 students per class and to build makeshift classrooms utilizing the auditorium and other available indoor spaces to temporarily hold classes for the senior high to avoid the shifting program,” she said.

Fr. Edgardo Rivero, school president of Claret College of Isabela (CCI), said that the private school can accommodate some 900 incoming senior high (Grade 11) students. However, he raised concern over fabricated stories spreading that CCI is charging high tuition fees where only five hundred pesos is being charged for the year and that some sectors from BNHS are restricting their students to transfer and enroll to CCI because of the planned shifting program.

“I hope this is not true as the school supports the vision of DepEd towards quality education in Basilan,” he said.

BNHS is one of the biggest public high schools in Isabela City with a population of over five thousand students.

DepEd-Isabela estimated that there are more than four thousand incoming senior high enrollees, where some close to three thousand are going to public high schools in the city. (RVC/PIA9-Basilan)