City Hall maintains anti-smuggling drive PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 09 June 2016 11:25

The city government continues to coordinate with the police and military authorities here in its unrelenting campaign against smuggling activities in Zamboanga.

Mayor Climaco said the campaign and vigilance against smuggling continues without let up in coordination with law enforcement agencies, despite information that the smugglers have lately shifted their illegal activities outside Zamboanga due to series of apprehensions.

The chief executive also hinted that a revamp of local Customs officials may be necessary if they are not doing their mandated functions.

However, she quipped that it was not within her turf to even recommend for a revamp as she leaves it to the discretion of the higher ups in the Bureau of Customs.

In the meantime, Climaco said the local Customs had conducted its own investigation into the smuggled sugar which was reported missing few days after it was intercepted by authorities last year.

She said the investigation pointed to a lady employee of the Customs as allegedly responsible for the smuggled sugar, for which she believes the case needs a review otherwise the Customs should pay for the travel expenses of the employee every time she goes to defend herself.

To recall, the missing sugar was also a subject of investigation by the city government under City Legal Officer Jesus Carbon Jr.

Carbon said he forwarded the findings of their investigation to the Customs, but these were not followed.

“Instead, they conducted their own investigation that ended with a lady employee as culprit of the missing sugar,” Carbon said, even as he stressed that their investigation on the matter had pointed to another culprit, the officer-in-charge of the local Customs himself.

Carbon even declined to name the lady Customs employee because he believed the evidence against her was not strong.— Vic Larato