Lobregat laments Climaco’s impolite, name-calling words PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 11 June 2016 11:55


“Ya llama le comigo Angry Bird, ya llama le Viejo, ahora de ebo ya comigo? Is this how to address a congressman of the city? She had called for reconciliation and now she’s picking up a fight”

These were the exasperating words of District 1 Congressman Celso Lobregat in reaction to Mayor Isabelle-Climaco-Salazar’s seemingly discourteous remarks — “antes bo ya implementa, ya coordina ba bos comigo? —  which was uttered as she claimed alleged non coordination by Lobregat in the implementation of congressional initiated projects in District 1.

During the May poll campaign, Climaco called Lobregat “Angry Bird”, and recently local media reported the mayor addressing Lobregat “viejo” (old).

“Nosabe yo cosa el ablada, el alcalde ta refiri con el uncongresista de ansina, nuay respeto, alyi ta sale el disuyo deberas persona,” Lobregat lamented.

Lobregat said that let the people judge the kind of personality the mayor has the way she reacts to issues being confronted at present.

“I have nothing against the mayor when it comes to the performance of our respective tasks. Cada’y qualan se kame, pero nomas tamen hace personal comigo si ele rabyao y below the belt ta pega, she’s provoking,” Lobregat said.

The solon said that when he was the mayor for nine-years, he never picked up a fight or questioned any congressional initiated projects, even during the time of Climaco as two-term congresswoman, he never for once asked the mayor to directly and always coordinate with his office before each project was to be undertaken.

“I can still recall, when she (Climaco) was still the congresswoman in District 1, I never made any requirement for her to coordinate with my office, not even once, she never coordinated with me also, but I have no problem with that, I was even happy cay manada kita mga national government initiated projects in the city, but why make it a problem now?” Lobregat asked.

This controversy was fueled by Climaco’s questioning the coordination or the lack of it by the Department of Public Works on Highways (DPWH) with the LGU as to the implementation of congressional-initiated projects in the city.

Lobregat said it is not his office which implements the identified projects, but the DPWH District Engineering Office that is tasked by the national government to undertake the projects.

“Hende yo personalmente amo ta implementa el proyekto que ya identifica el Congressional Initiave Funds, el DPWH, y sabe yo, sila experto para sigui na proceso, and they did it properly according to procedure. These projects as I earlier said are even listed in the Accomplishment Reports of Mayor Climaco for the year 2015 and 2016 respectively,” Lobregat said.

The solon explained that in the process of implementing Local Infrastructure Funds, he has to ask each and every barangay under his district to give him their priority projects for the congressional office to source out funds for it. It is the barangay officials who identify those projects and he gives the final listing of recommended projects to DPWH for evaluation if it is feasible or not and after that, the same agency implements it according to the required procedure mandated by the national government with proper coordination with the LGUs where such infra has to be undertaken. Each proposed project has to be listed in the Annual Budget or the General Appropriations Act (GAA) for budget appropriations.

“El mayor mismo sabe paquilaya el proseso, de antes pa ese sistema, ya queda yo mayor for nine years sabe yo se, I don’t know is she’s fully aware of that,” Lobregat said.

DPWH District Engineering Office head Engr. Chole Roble earlier clarified that they have done the necessary coordination in the implementation of all infrastructure projects due for implementation for the year 2015 and 2016 because they are rushing to meet the deadline before June 30.

Engr. Roble said her office has followed the prescribed procedure and they have done their part and has given the LGU the projects to be implemented by the DEO for this year last December of 2015.

She said that even the project engineer of the contractors concerned has been regularly coordinating with the City Engineer’s Office for the progress of each identified infrastructure to be constructed.

Roble said they are hoping to complete those projects as soon as possible in time for the opening of classes, and are trying to find ways and means to complete projects within its prescribed timeline. – Dexter Yap