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Saturday, 11 June 2016 11:56


A 28-year-old man  was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after he jumped from the roof of a two-story house at Billiard Drive, Baliwasan Friday morning.

Abubakar Mohammadsali y Loriano, married, of Talon-Talon, was half dead when he was taken to the hospital by paramedics.

The suicide attempt was preceded by a tense drama when shocked residents of Baliwasan crowded the neighborhood to watch Mohammadsali ready to take a leap apparently due to mental depression.

The house owner who requested anonymity said that around 5 a.m. they noticed an unidentified man at the roof of their two-level house.

The incident was reported to the police and to the barangay council of Baliwasan. Immediately policemen led by Insp. Sakilin who was residing nearby responded to the drama.

The relatives of Mohammadsali from Talon-Talon rushed to the place and pleaded to him to come down.

Mohammadsali’s wife and mother also went up the roof and tried to convince him not  to carry out his intention, but they failed.

Rescuers and a paramedic team arrived and also tried to rescue Mohammadsali but he gestured to jump every time they were going for him at the roof.

Shortly before 7 a.m., Mohammadsali asked for water which was immediately responded by his brother.

The rescue team tied a rope around the waist of Mohammadsali’sbrother and gave him signal to go up the roof to give a bottle of water to his brother.

However Mohammadsali refused to get closer to his brother and carefully received the bottle. He drank a little then returned the bottle to his brother.

Within few seconds, Mohammadsali stood up and without any word leaped down with his head landing the ground first.

Authorities suspected that Mohammadsali was experiencing extreme depressing side effect of shabu which drove him to commit suicide.

The house owner said that Mohammadsali went up the roof through an electric pole. – Dan Toribio