New PRO-9 director orders drug test among personnel PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 June 2016 11:24

As the call of incoming President Rodrigo R. Duterte to cleanse the Philippine National Police ranks of scalawags and bad eggs, Police Regional Office-9 Director Chief Supt. Billy B. Beltran ordered on Monday to conduct random drug testing on its members and personnel.

Morethan 300 police personnel who are undergoing field training exercise were randomly tested for drug by the Regional Health Service 9 on Monday in Camp Abendan.

Beltran disclosed that one of the police personnel was positively found using drug during the testing.

“We will send the urine sample examined by the RSU 9 which is positive with a drug content to Camp Crame. Thereafter we will wait  the go signal of the Higher Command  for the  conduct of  hearing on summary dismissal against the personnel who was positive for using drug,” Beltran said.

He explained that once personnel under PRO9 caught and proven during due process that they are using drugs and involved in illegal  drugs trade, they will be removed from the roster of the Philippine National Police

Beltran directed Deputy Regional Director  for Operations Sr. Supt. Debold M. Sinas to conduct the random drug testing among personnel of the different police commands in the region.

Meanwhile, information revealed that almost 20 police personnel mostly from Zamboanga del Norte who submitted themselves to random drug testing  before the May 9 elections were found positive of drug use. They are facing summary dismissal from the police service. — Allen Abastillas