Norwegian, Filipina hostages appeal for help from PHL gov’t PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 16 June 2016 12:02


Norwegian Kjartan Sekkingstad and Filipina Marites, two remaining hostages snatched from a resort in Samal Island, Davao,  have appealed to the government to do something for their immediate release  by the Abu Sayyaf in Jolo island.

In an interview on RMN’s Carta de La Vida with Melanie Guanzon and Hermie Ventura Wednesday afternoon, the Norwegian who first talked on air, pleaded to the Philippine and Norway governments to help them so they won’t get killed.

“ We are sitting and waiting, we don’t know  if we will be alive later on today or not,”  Sekkingstad said.

He added that after the beheading of Robert Hall last Monday, he was told by the Abu Sayyaf that he would be the next if their demand will not be granted.

After Sekkingstad talked on air, Guanzon requested for Flor’s voice which was immediately granted.

Flor who was obviously crying while talking on air. She said that she and the Norwegian along with the ASG militants keep on walking and changing hideouts to avoid government troops who are conducting pursuit operations against the group.

Flor said that she is sick and doesn’t have any medicines.

Flor, the girlfriend of Hall, further said that she was physically hurt by some ASG gunmen.

Sekkingstad, on the other hand, is convinced that he will be also executed if there will be failure in the payment of ransom, while Flor is was very confused on what will happen to her.

The appeal of Sekkingstad and Flor come after the ASG militants beheaded the two Canadian nationals —  John Ridsdel on April and Robert Hall last Monday.

The ISIS affiliated group has been demanding P600 million each for the release of the hostages.

The four were seized by some 20 gunmen at Ocean View Resort in Samal Island on September last year. -– Dan Toribio