PRC acts on low supply of blood PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 20 June 2016 14:03


Worried over the situation of the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) Zamboanga City Chapter’s low blood supply, Congressman and PRC Governor Celso Lobregat called a meeting Sunday with top officials of PRC Zamboanga.

“We need to make sure our bloodletting efforts will be sustained,” Lobregat stressed during the meeting presided by him and attended by OIC PRC Administrator Joseline Fernandez, PRC Chairman of the board Dr. Milagros Fernandez, and PRC Board Director Dr. Victor Liozo Jr.

The congressman is urging those qualified to donate blood it saves life and at the same time rejuvenates the body.

“Ta apela iyo si quien puede dona sangre, anda na PRC cay alia puede dona sangre don’t have to wait for a bloodletting activity,” Lobregat said.

Dr. Fernandez and Director Liozo are also conducting information dissemination thru the media and during blood donation encouraging the public to donate blood.

Meanwhile, OIC PRC Administrator Joseline Fernandez assured that the matter of low blood supply is being looked into thru more mobile blood donations.

In this city, PRC and the Zamboanga City Medical Center are the only two authorized blood banks.

The advantages of donating blood are the bone marrow is simulated to produce new red blood cells which will make th blood forming organs function more effectively and free physical examination by a doctor.

Qualified to donate blood are those 18 to 65 years old, weighing 50 kilogram with normal blood pressure, and hemoglobin count not less than 125 gm/ml.

One of the PRC’s six major services includes blood program, Red Cross Youth, community health and nursing services, disaster management services, safety services and social services. — R.G. A A. Go