Village chiefs air views on proposed coal power plant PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 24 July 2011 16:26

Talisayan Barangay Chairperson Josephine Pareja is opposed to the putting up of a coal fired power plant at nearby Zamboanga  City Ecozone in San Ramon,citing its danger to health and environment when used in longer period.

Pareja said study conducted by experts showed that a coal-fired power plant brings hazards to health and environment because it emits  smoke with sulphuric acid, nitrogen oxide, sulphuric dioxide, mercury substance and fly ash that cause acid rain.

The village chief made her opposition known during a consultation and dialogue with all the stakeholders of the city at the Zamboanga City  Ecozone last  Thursday.
“We will go outto the street with my people to protest construction of the coal electric plant,” Pareja said.

On the other hand, Pamucutan Barangay Chairman  Romeo D.S Cerna favors the proposed coal fired power plant, saying that it will benefit the city, most especially the barangays in the west coast.

Cerna said he has visited a coal fired power plant in Pagbilao, Quezon Province, where  the people, officials and the province are said to be benefiting from it.
He said there has been no report on health and environment hazard in Pagbilao, Quezon Province..

Bunguiao Barangay Chairman Nestor Atilano also favors the proposed coal fired power plant saying it is a welcome development as it will give more power load to Zamboanga City to avert power shortage in the near future.

Atilano said that what he will do is to encourage his constituents to plant more trees.
He questioned Pareja’s opposition to the coal-fired power plant project, saying the latter allegedly allowed canning factories in her barangay to use coal minerals for fish canning productions.

The canning factories  emit also smoke from the use of coal minerals, Atilano claimed. —  Allen Abastillas