PDEA-9 favors creation of gov’t-run drug rehab center PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 24 June 2016 11:52


Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency-9 (PDEA-9) Regional Director Joseph Ladip has announced that he is in favor of the creation of a government-operated drug rehabilitation center for every province in Region 9.

“Dapat ang pusher wala tayong gawin kung di hulihin, how about the users? Dapat sa treatment and rehabilitation para mabawasan yung users which serve as market ng mga drug pushers.” Ladip said in an interview.

The PDEA official said it is best if every province has sufficient treatment and rehabilitation facilities for drug users, stressing that the poor are mostly affected by the drug menace and many of them do not have the money for rehabilitation.

A government-run drug rehabilitation center is important so that drug dependents especially indigents can be brought back to society after rehabilitation which takes more or less six months.

Per records of the Dangerous Drug Board, the Philippines have 1.3 million illegal drug users.

Under RA 9165, if a violator is found to be drug dependent by a DOH accredited physician, the court shall order the applicant to undergo treatment and rehabilitation for a period of not less than six months.

The city has only one drug rehabilitation center, Sonshine Drug Rehabilitation Center which is privately owned and where the patients will have to pay a fee ranging from P9,000 to P13,000 a month. The patients will stay with the center for six months during which they will be rehabilitated. The city government is also giving Sonshine a subsidy of some P1.7 million a year.

Ladip said some people resort to drug use due to peer pressure, curiosity, and family problem. Some illegal drug users start as early as high school, and the rest are working class, and even senior citizens.

Early signs of drug use by a person  are sudden change in behavior, irritable, dehydrated, and physical changes such weigh loss, haggard, and looks too old for his or her age.

The PDA director is also urging parents to monitor the activities of their children, know their friends, and have quality family time together to keep children away from drugs.

Meanwhile, Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar quoted National Youth Commission Chairman Earl P. Saavedra to have said that the city was selected to be one of the cities where a government run rehabilitation center will rise. — R.G. A A. Go