Novo loses P15T to ‘coin’ swindler PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 25 July 2011 15:31

Police have issued a warning against con men who victimize business establishments.
This after a downtown retail store lost P15,000 to a con man last Saturday morning

A police report disclosed that three employees of Novo identified as Jovelyn Vergara, 23, single, Clarissa Looc and Minerva Sayson complained to the police that an unidentified man swindled them of P15,000.

Initial investigation disclosed that the man appeared at the store and asked to convert his coins amounting to P15,000 into bills.
The man’s request was granted by the management and was approved by the store staff.

Vergara and her two co-employees were instructed by the man to bring the bills to Chowking Restaurant where they were set to meet for the exchange of the money.

The three employees proceeded to the restaurant where they met the man.
After few seconds of conversation, Vergara told the police that they handed the peso bills amounting to P15,000 to the man.
After he received the bills, the man told Vergara to wait for him as he promised to return and bring the coins. That was the last time they saw him.
Vergara told the police the man did not return.

Police called on the different business establishments not to entertain persons who will ask them for exchange of coins and bills. — Dan Toribio Jr.