City gov’t to welcome drug surrenders, but… PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 29 June 2016 12:00


The city government is going to welcome anyone engaged in illegal trade to voluntarily surrender to the authorities but the rule of law has to be applied just the same.

“Anyone can surrender. We welcome the surrender (if there is any) but we have to look into (police records) whether or not he has committed a crime,” City Legal Officer Jesus C. Carbon Jr. said at Monday’s press briefing in City Hall.

He said if the supposed “surrenderee” is found to have not committed any crime, “we will have to release or send them out; otherwise we will be accused of arbitrary detention.”

“You cannot just deprive anyone of his liberty if he has not committed a crime even if he surrenders. There must be evidence against him,” Carbon said, but he clarified that the matter is a police process.

He explained that under the circumstance the police will have to investigate and find out what crime the surrenderee has committed, whether he has pending arrest warrant. “if there was none, he must be freed.”

To recall, the idea of drug pushers voluntarily turning themselves in to the police came on the heels of the government’s intensified campaign against drug trafficking in the country that resulted in killing of the suspects.

Reports have it that known pushers in Luzon have voluntarily surrendered to the authorities for fear for their lives.

In the city, a police couple voluntarily submitted themselves for drug test after they were implicated in the drug trade on the social media.— Vic Larato