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Wednesday, 29 June 2016 12:01

Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar on Tuesday broke her silence on alleged long delay in the release of the regular monthly salary of city government employees.

Complaints had earlier surfaced that the release of the city employees’ salary has been delayed for 15 days.

The mayor was reacting to the complaints of several city hall employees who have asked RMN Zamboanga to help them find out why the release of their salary is always dlayed.

Mayor Climaco-Salazar said it is not her fault why therelease of the salary of the employees is delayedas she blamed the employees themselves who do not follow the prescribed procedure in the submission of  the necessary documents on time for the processing of their department payrolls.

Climaco said that this problem had happened several times in the past – salaries are delayed because it is also the doing of those irresponsible government employees who try to evadethe system they are having.

“Querre-Querre gane sila man blame con migo cay Zumba que Zumba ya lang daw yo, pero si mira gat tu nowhere in that is my responsibility because once the documents are signed, it is also the look out of our employees,” Climaco said.

The city’s Chief Executive said that she will ask Human Resource Management Office (HRMO) to investigate further this problem and identify those employees who are responsible for the delay on releasing of the regular wages.

“We have already arranged a system wherein if you are part of that batch nuay somete dituyu DTR, you will be removed from the official payroll, cay porcausa de aquellos hende ta somete on time, aquellos parte de aquel lista todo ta caba sufri,” Climaco said.

Asked about possible sanction on erring employees who violate the payroll system, the mayor said they will be disciplined thru a department memorandum which will be issued by the respective department heads.

The responsibility in handling the situation was left to OIC-Mayor Cesar Itturalde, after Mayor Climaco-Salazar left anew the city Tuesday, two days upon arrival for another out of town trip.

To their dismay, city hall employees who were obedient in the payroll system were very much worried on their daily needs compromised by the 15-day delay in salary release.

“Era si mayor nomas anay larga que larga donde-donde, atende era anay ele canamon aqui na city hall de amon problema na sweldo, cay pobre de amon familia,’ said one employee who requested anonymity.

Prior to her travel, Mayor Climaco tasked OIC Administrator Dr. Elmeir Apolinario to coordinate with the City Caretaker Vice-Mayor Iturralde to look into the matter. — Bhong Simbajon/RMN News