Climaco begins 2nd term, vows local economic dev’t PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 July 2016 11:46


Mayor Beng Climaco officially began her second term as chief executive in simple but elegant ceremonies before noon yesterday in City Hall, where she vowed to further push the local economic development to full circle and make Zamboanga City more relevant to the present time.

“Today we have international organizations and foreign governments like the US, Canada, Japan, Spain, Malaysia, Taiwan providing programs with renewed interest to help Zamboanga City. Through this, we are aiming to be a local economic development champion, highlighting indeed inclusive, resilient and sustainable economic growth. This will make Zamboanga City more relevant today,” Climaco said in her inaugural speech.

She said the Philippine Air Lines (PAL) and Cebu Pacific have advertised Zamboanga City, and “our representation in the national and international communities speaks of a very strong confidence to put us in the map of development. This is in the line of our increase in invertors in the city thus the increase in business licensing and soaring employment rate.”

Climaco assured that the local government under her leadership will pave the way to strengthening its priorities as guided by her main thrusts on Security, Health and Education (SHE) with particular attention on water, economic, energy, environment and human security.

“We shall increase government spending that shall tangibly provide for relevant projects and programs. We will make our facilities climate change resilient and pursue infrastructure projects that can be called green buildings,” she said, citing the recent alliance the city has forged with the Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) and Palafox Associates in the conduct of a traffic survey leading towards the formulation of traffic policies and programs.

She vowed to work with the local legislative body “so we can foster our executive-legislative agenda, and also look to our two House representatives to be our voice in the national government.”

Climaco also expressed categorically her full support to the administration of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte and VP Leni Robredo, “even as we ask for your prayers for all of us elected officials.”

While the road to this new mandate had been one challenging journey to trek, Climaco pointed out that there is no other way but stand united for the Zamboanguenos.

“We work for the best interest of our people, and we slowly heal from the pains of what had been. We open the venue to communication and we learn to listen and understand. This is the road to peace—to acknowledge our differences in leadership, and yet magnanimous in achieving one goal for the city—to keep it safe and peaceful, progressive and vibrant,” the city chief executive promised.— Vic Larato