The next three years will be both challenge and opportunity — Celso PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 July 2016 12:03


“To all incoming officials, build on the foundation and successes of the past instead of destroying them. rise on your own merit and not at the expense of others.”

This was the straight and sound message of District 1 Congressman Celso Lobregat in his inaugural speech Thursdaymorning during the official oath-taking rites of the elected city government officials at city hall lobby.

Lobregat said the comings years in public service will be a great challenge because there will be a lot changes in governance and leadership which will be embraced by the people.

But he assured the public that he will support any and all programs of the city for as long as and only for as long as they are for the good and the welfare of the people.

He said that its with be a great opportunity because “we will at long last have and give our all-out support to a president from Mindanao, President Rodrigo Duterte; we will have and support a Speaker of the House, Bebot Alvarez and Senate President Koko Pimentel from Mindanao and many cabinet secretaries like Sonny Dominguez, Manny Piñol, Bebot Bello and others.

As a congressman, Lobregat reiterated that he will always be fighting and standing firm for Zamboanga City’s interest in terms of possible legislation of the Bangsamoro and federalism.

He said he will be focusing on the creation of the Mindanao Power Corporation, the realization of the Mindanao Railway System, legislation on the Pasonanca watershed, completion of the Zamboanga City bypass road, continuation of the widening of the west coast road, the construction of Zamboanga City’s urban core flood mitigation, including a pumping station, a flyover at the junction of Veterans-Camins-MCLL highway, the continuing modernization and expansion of the Zamboanga City Medical Center, and will be supportive of Zamcelco’s investment management contract and the construction of a water impounding dam for potable water and other water protocols.

“As I look back in my last three years as congressman of the first district, through the last nine years as mayor of Zamboanga, and the first six years as congressman of the lone district of Zamboanga City, I can face anyone and everyone with my head held up high and say that I have served the city of Zamboanga to the best of my ability, in the best way I can, with passion, dedication and integrity. I not only did my best, but I did what was required. and I will continue doing so,” Lobregat said.

The solon also reiterated the stock of the present and the gaze into the future as part of sound leadership leading the city to greater heights in what our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal wrote, “ang hindi marunongl umingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan.”

Looking back at the inaugurals in 2004 when he was first elected mayor he remembered saying, “I decided to run as mayor with the hope and intention to pursue the dreams and visions of Ma’am Caling…” I continued by saying “but with my assumption as your new city mayor, I ask for your understanding, I am not here to replace or ever pretend to replace the very person of my mother, for she was indeed one of a kind, a person like no other as Archbishop Morelos said – ninguno como tu,”Lobregat said.

The solon said that those dreams and visions are anchored on his social contract with the people of zamboanga that started with the contract for change in 1998 together with his fellow allied public servants. And many of these dreams and visions have been realized and continue to be implemented with the contract for unity and continuity in 2004, 2007, 2010 and the 18-point program of government in 2013, as well as the city’s priorities in the city development strategies (CDS) that also led to Zamboanga City’s branding as Asia’s Latin City.

In his June 30, 2013 inaugural message he recalled saying that he will say it again with conviction, “sound fiscal management is one of the legacies that we proudly hand over to Mayor Beng Climaco’s administration, prudent and judicious allocation of the city financial resources and spending the funds wisely and sensibly has made Zamboanga City one of the most stable local government units in our country.”

Lobregat assured that he will serve with the same passion, dedication and commitment to the service of the residents not only in District 1 but the entire city – as he believes and kept his word with the consultations, committee hearings, and floor deliberations of the BBL, the doubling of infrastructure budgets for District 1 of P3.352 billion for CY 2014-2016 as compared to P1.682 billion for CY2011-2013, the continuing massive construction of 2, 3, 4 storey school buildings by DepEd and DPWH and the passage of national laws including three local laws creating the Pasonanca NHS, Tulungatung NHS and San Roque NHS.

“In the 2016 elections my party mates and I ran under our social contract with the people of Zamboanga – a social contract of continuity towards a more developed, peaceful and progressive Zamboanga City which began in 1998. We won and we most certainly will fulfill this social contract,” Lobregat said.

The congressman said that because of Zamboanga’s God given resources there are positive developments that have happened and are happening despite the Zamboanga siege of 2013 and the October 12, 2015 Pinay rambling’s post of Zamboanga city as the 9th most dangerous place in the world and the recent Kami post of Zamboanga as the most dangerous place in the philippines for foreigners. – Dexter Yap