Celso urges brgy officials to submit to drug test PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 02 July 2016 12:02


District 1 Congressman Celso Lobregat has called on all barangay officials in Zamboanga City to voluntarily submit themselves to random drug test in order to clear local government units from suspicions.

Lobregat’s callis in conjunction with President Rodrigo Duterte’s own message  asking all elected officials in the entire country to submit themselves to drug test  as part of the process of cleansing the government service of unfit persons.

Lobregat said he will be coordinating with Association of Barangay Chairmen (ABC) President Jerry Perez to institutionalize the drug test procedure for the barangay officials which the councilor has also initiated at random last year on his own initiative and personal capacity.

“I would like to commend Liga ng mga Barangay president Jerry Perez who already did such move earlier last year, even before the elections in May. In fact there are a few barangay officials caught using drugs,” Lobregat said.

He said that he wanted this program of the ABC to carry on to sustain the cleansing efforts to prevent barangay officials from engaging in drugs.

Recall that Barangay Putik was also the first barangay council that submitted its members to random drug test from the barangay chairman to the tanods and other barangay workers after which everybody was found negative of drug use.

Meanwhile, Congressman Lobregat also commended the barangay officials of District 1 for their continued dedication in clearing their respective communities from drug users and pushers.

This week, more than 300 drug dependents and pushers yielded to barangay officials and the police station commanders in District 1 expressing intentions to reform their lives and refrain from using and selling drugs.

“This is a very welcome development. Kudosto the barangay officials of Recodo, Ayala, Limpapa,Labuan, Cawit, Sinunuc and other villages who continue to have a dialogue with the drug dependents to convince them to stop engaging in this dangerous vice,” Lobregat said.

Right after their formal oath-taking ceremony Thursday, the newly-elected officials from representatives, the city mayor, down to city councilors also submitted themselves for voluntary drug testing which gave negative results. —Dexter Yap