BIR warns professionals on paying correct taxes PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 02 July 2016 13:08


The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Revenue District No. 93 A, Zamboanga City warns professionals to make sure that they are declaring and paying the right amount of taxes to avoid future problem.

“We don’t want to give them problem and we don’t want to have problems as well just do your obligation. If and when they are caught several times then we are advising them to rectify their deficiencies and if they continue we have no other recourse but to file cases,” Fabian Francisco, BIR Zamboanga, OIC assistant revenue district officer, said in an interview.

Francisco revealed common violations being committed by professionals such as non entry in their books of account, non-issuance of receipts, and under declaration of taxes.

For violators, the BIR official said, a letter of authority to investigate will be sent to the professionals to check on the extent of their tax liability. These professionals will then come to the BIR to explain, the office will ask the violator to rectify their violation, and then pay the penalty.

In case these professionals will insist and not pay the right taxes, the office will file a case against them which is the known program of BIR RATE or Ran After Tax Evaders.

“If we file the RATE case, you will have sleepless nights and you will have to attend court hearings. We do not want to do this to Zamboangueños (referring to the filing of cases),” the assistant revenue district officer said.

In case the professionals have questions, all they have to do is visit the BIR and the office will be willing to answer their questions.

Recall that the BIR has a task force that monitors over 2,000 professionals based in this city including doctors, engineers, contractors, and others. The Task Force was created January 2016 as instructed by Revenue District Office Myrna L. Bernardo.

The task force currently gathers data of the professionals thru other government agencies to include counter checking on their previously filed income tax returns.

It will be of great help when these professionals will pay the right taxes as they have high income and this can help for the collection increase of BIR Zamboanga.

BIR Zamboanga is tasked to collect P3.3 billion for the year 2016 while P7.8 billion for the entire BIR Regional Office 9. — R.G. A A. Go