Lobregat: Pres. Duterte won’t abolish Congress PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 03 July 2016 15:08

District 1 Congressman Celso Lobregat got a personal assurance from President Rodrigo Duterte that he will not initiate the move of abolishing the House of Representatives under his administration.

Lobregat reacted to talks that Duterte will close Congress in the process of \pushing federal type of government for the Philippines.

Lobregat, who recently attended a series of meetings in Manila with fellow veteran solons composing the so-called “Super Majority” revealed that there is no truth to that report, saying that President Duterte already gave an assurance to him that he will not lead to that because he needs the members of Congress in his present administration.

“When I personally met the president to congratulate him for his victory, I asked him the question: Mr. President, you have mentioned before the possibility of abolishing Congress? He answered me, “I will not, kailangan ko ang suporta ng congress,” Lobregat quoted the new president as saying.

Lobregat said the issue of federalism is now being discussed by his fellow incoming solons in the 17th Congress.

“I asked him that because we all know that he is pushing for federalism, He cannot do that without the support of the majority of Congress, he is into a major constitutional change, which will be a tough battle in Congress,” Lobregat said.

He said that even iif it is the president who is pushing for federalism, it will still be the people who will decide in a plebiscite or a constitutional assembly.

Lobregat said that what the House members are up to now is the positioning of their respective party affiliations either to join the “Super Majority” or to jump-ship from their former political party into the Duterte camp.

“If other colleagues are starting to jump ship, spare me, I will not, I have been loyal to my own political party and will remain steadfast to that, I always practice politics with integrity, but open for alliance for the best interest of my city,” Lobregat said.– Dexter Yap