Teenager kills self with insecticide PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 03 July 2016 15:12

A teenager died after he gulped a bottle of insecticide in their house at Sitio Pagulayan, Tolosa Thursday.

Police identified the suicide as Andrew Pantaleon, 16.

The teenager was noticed by their neighbor Rolly Dela Cruz, while he was lying on a long wooden chair with bubbles coming out his mouth.

Dela Cruz immediately suspected that Andrew drank something poisonous that prompted him to get coconut and let Andrew drink its water for him to vomit but the measure was too late because the teenager suddenly lost his breath.

It was learned that Andrew was scolded by his older sister for not pasturing their cattle.

From that moment, Andrew became depressed until he was discovered dying with bubbles in the mouth. – Dan Toribio