Climaco directs stricter sanitation measures in Sta. Catalina evac PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 05 July 2016 11:40


Stricter sanitation measures will be enforced in the evacuation centers currently sheltering the families affected by the Sta. Catalina fire incident.

In response to the sanitary conditions in schools serving as evacuation centers, City Mayor Beng Climaco has directed the City Health Office to strengthen sanitation protocols at the Sta. Catalina Elementary School and the Don Gregorio Evangelista Memorial School to ensure the well-being of residents, and to prevent the spread of diseases.

According to the chief executive, the local government is searching and considering possible alternative places that have appropriate facilities to transfer the affected residents.

“We want them out of the schools because of the prevalence of diseases and sanitary conditions,” said Climaco.

In the meantime, sanitation teams from the City Health Office have been dispatched to assess and monitor the sanitation concerns in the area. According to Dr. Rodelin Agbulos, portalets are now in place in the evacuation centers, and equipment has been brought in to open and facilitate the flow of canals to prevent water stagnation.

“We are trying to do everything on the part of sanitation, including el maga portalets that are now in place. We will see to it that everyday necesita kel man desludge,” said Agbulos.

Last Sunday, Mayor Beng Climaco together with the officials of the Filipino-Chinese organization, some members of the City Council, Sta. Catalina barangay officials and staff from the City Social Welfare and Development personally distributed the goods to the families housed at the Sta. Catalina Elementary School covered court.

Support and assistance from private groups and individuals continue to come in for the Sta. Catalina fire victims. Last Saturday, Kimse Yolmu International Aid Foundation also donated rice for the fire victims. —Jasmine Mohammadsali