Kap Doglo submits to drug test PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 06 July 2016 14:50


Responding to the call for elected government officials to undergo mandatory drug test,  Maasin Barangay Chairman Misael “Doglo” Bernardo voluntarily submitted himself for the test at City Health Office laboratory  Tuesday.

Kap Doglo was accompanied by some barangay officials and his family who gave him full support in undergoing the test to clear the names of elected officials in government from drug use.

“I am here to submit myself to drug test. The result was negative. I want to set an example to other public officials and encourage the same to also volunteer themselves and undergo drug testing,” Doglo said.

He said that after him, other barangay officials of Maasin will follow as well as the barangay tanods and other personnel serving their village.

He added that it is necessary to clear their reputation from the drug menace which has eroded the fibers of Philippine society.

“It is a public knowledge in Zamboanga, that when you talk about drugs, people always point their fingers at the barangays in the west coast. Eventhough we are not that vulnerable, we are still part of those barangays they are referring to, and it’s the reason why we need to clean our ranks from those allegations,” Doglo explained.

The official also lauded the present efforts of ABC President Jerry Perez who is conducting a random drug test on all barangay officials. He said that this is a very laudable move and should be sustained monthly or whole year round so that heads will roll in the barangay campaign against illegal drugs.

“Before Kap Perez comes to us for a surprise random drug testi, we have done it ahead not to please him ,but to ensure also our constituents that we are not involved in such vices,” Doglo said.