VM Cherry presides Isabela City council maiden session PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 06 July 2016 14:56


The City Council Isabela, Basilan held Monday its inaugural session in which Vice Mayor Cherry Akbar got her first hold of the gavel.

Witnessed by a sizable crowd packed inside and outside the temporary session hall, all members of the Council  were present during the maiden session, namely, Jashim Tiplani, Faidgar Jaafar, Candu Muarip, Ar-jhemar Ajibon, Sara Ismael, Jeromy Casas, Kifli Salliman, Ritchie Biel, Maria Jennesa Tubongbanua and Abner Rodriguez. Indigenous People’s Representative Abdulkuddus Salihin  was also in attendance.

Midway into the session was the inaugural address of Mayor Al-qaid Akbar, who presented the programs the city government aims to implement within the next term of office.

The mayor’s speech was followed by privilege speeches from the 10 regular members of the council and then followed by Vice Mayor Cherry Akbar’s response saying that the council will continue to be an effective law-making body of the city government.

She also expressed the council’s support to the development agenda of the local chief executive all geared toward the development of the city.

In the afternoon, the council members deliberated, agreed and adopted the internal rules and selected chairmanships for the various standing committees. — Richard Falcatan