Beng stands firm vs illegal drugs, denies involvement PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 12 July 2016 13:58


In keeping with President Duterte’s directive, Mayor Beng Climaco on Monday stood firm in the ongoing fight against the drug menace even as she denied being one of 35 mayors in the President’s list of drug protectors in the country.

“The test that I took showed negative. Am I involved? It requires evidence to prove it, but I would like to tell you that that we all are against the drug menace,” Climaco told the press briefing yesterday; stressing that drug is really a menace on the person using it, on the family and in the workplace.

This, she said, was the reason she issued an executive order the first day of her second term last June 30, requiring all city government officials and employees to undergo the mandatory drug test.

“We want to clean up the city against the drug menace,” Climaco declared.

On the President’s claim that 35 mayors are allegedly protecting the illegal drug trade in the country, the mayor said “we will wait for the DILG’s or the President’s revelations.”

“But I would like to assure the people of that Mayor Isabelle Garcia Climaco is not a drug user, is not a drug addict and will never protect somebody on drugs because it is causing the dissolution of marriages, it affects the family,” Climaco declared.

Early on, Mayor Climaco issued officially and categorically a fair but stern warning to all city government officials and employees found to be using illegal drugs that they will be meted with the full force of criminal and civil service laws.

“As mayor, I am duty bound to enforce the laws and the pertinent administrative rules and regulations in relation to government employees who have been found to be using illegal drugs,” Climaco said after six city government employees were tested positive for methamphetamine, a substance for shabu, during the mandatory drug test on the first day of her second term last June 30.— Vic Larato