City completes infra projects for La Niña PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 13 July 2016 11:42


The local government has completed several projects geared towards mitigating the impact of incoming La Niña in the City.

City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office Head Elmeir Apolinario reported the progress of infrastructure projects in preparation for La Niña season, including slope protection and shoreline protection projects.

“Este maga proyekto deaton for 2016, these were announced as completed,” said Apolinario.

According to their report, eleven infrastructure projects of the local government are in various stages of completion and are expected to be turned-over on July 2016.

These include slope protection projects at Lamisahan River, Cabatangan, Bunguiao River, Lumbangan, Sinunuc, Lunzuran, Cabaluay, Salaan, and Dulian Bunguiao, and shoreline protection projects at Manicahan and Labuan.

This set of project is different from the slope protection projects recently approved by the City Council, noted Apolinario.

Spurring the City’s efforts to prepare for La Niña, a technical working group was convened to formulate the contingency plan for La Niña which will culminate in a workshop-writeshop on July 20-21, Apolinario said.

Apolinario added that the CDRRMO, in support of the programs and thrusts of the Duterte administration, is working to highlight the DRRM programs of the President in their activities. These involve preparations and planning for La Niña, flood control projects, capacity building for emergency responders, build back better principles, strengthening early warning systems, the 911 and 8888 systems, and hazard mapping, to name a few. — Jasmine Mohammadsali