Beng directs CBO to expedite release of teachers’ allowance PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 14 July 2016 13:24


Mayor Beng Climaco has directed the City Budget Office (CBO) to expedite the release of allowances for teachers, one of the city’s support systems to the education sector with the ultimate goal of helping improve quality of education.

Mayor Climaco however cited the need for the concerned agencies and individuals to promptly comply with the documentary requirements to ensure fast and efficient transaction, now done through the e-Peso payment system.

OIC City Budget Officer Ferdie Alvarez said the prompt release of allowances depends on the prompt submission of requirements either by the Division Office of the DEPED, the district superintendents or individual schools as well as other procedures.

With the implementation of the e-Peso project, the City Government effective 2016 is disbursing allowances and benefits to teachers including other sectors through the prepaid card or ATM (automated teller machine) system. As a protocol on transactions, 3 requirements are to be complied: ATM proof list (which is based on the masterlist submitted by the DEPED Division Office) and the hard and soft copies of the voucher of remittance (which is prepared by owner of the payroll).

Based on record, the Division Office submitted the masterlist of teachers to the CBO on June 21. Due to some double entries, the list was revised and resubmitted June 27. The list should also include the manner the teachers would wish to withdraw their allowances- quarterly or by semester. Verification of the list is a very delicate procedure as all details have to be exact and complete to avoid the documents from coming back and forth and further delays.

As of Wednesday, July 13, a total of 55 vouchers have been submitted and are on process, meaning, release of payment is set anytime. Teachers will not have to queue at the City Treasure’s Office to withdraw their allowances, as transactions can be made at any ATM unit nearest their location.

The city’s grant of allowance started way back 1995 and over the years, the amount and the number of teachers entitled to the same have been increasing. It started with P200 a month in 1995 increased to P300 in 2007, raised to P500 in 2009 and further raised to P700 starting the third quarter of 2010. Funding for the allowances is sourced through the city’s general fund (GF) and special education fund (SEF).

The city has allocated P38 million for the teachers’ allowances for 2016 for 4,786 teachers – with funds for 4,627 teachers to be taken from the General Fund and 159 from the Special Education Fund (SEF).  Also, effective July 2016, an additional 1,017 teachers will be included in the list, however their names have yet to be included in the master list.  — Sheila Covarrubias