2 CHO employees quit after found positive for drug use PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 14 July 2016 13:28


Two sanitary inspectors of the City Health Office (CHO) resigned roughly two months ago after having been found positive for illegal drug use.

“It had been a thing of the past. It was not even this period na ta tiene kita screening. This happened sometime two, three, months ago, (referring to the resignation of the two former CHO employees),” Dr. Rodelin Agbulos, city health officer, said in an interview.

Agbulos revealed that the two former CHO employees did not undergo confirmatory testing as they already resigned.

He said that prior to Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar’s Executive Order BC 188 mandating random mandatory drug testing for employees of the local government unit while mandatory for uniformed personnel’s serving the city, the CHO has already been doing random drug testing on their employees which started last year.

“Nuay pa se period strict el drug testing y el EO, ta manda ya yo man random drug test dimiyo empleyado desde antes. Ta abla kita claro once you are found positive then you really have to get out of the office,” Agbulos said.

The random drug testing at CHO started last year due to talks about suspected illegal drug dependents in the office.

“The reason why I conducted random testing last year pa cay ta uwi ya kita estorya. I always tell them that we have to clear our department if we have to start doing drug testing apwera aki canaton prinsipya,” Agbulos said.

CHO has more than 400 employees to include those who are on the field. — R.G. A A. Go