Electrician’s 4 fingers cut off in road mishap PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 16 July 2016 11:29

An electrician of a private company lost his four left fingers in a road accident along Lobregat Highway in Mercedes Friday morning.

Carlos Vargas Herrera, truck driver of Sangali, told DZT that he and his truck helper were on their way to the Sanitary Landfill in Salaan bringing some biodegradable garbage,     when a passenger jeepney driven by Gary Dagalea loaded with passengers emerged from the interior road of Mercedes and suddenly entered the highway without giving warning near Villa Teresa Subdivision. Vargas said he stepped on the foot brake and swerved the steering wheel to avoid contact with the jeepney.

Due to high speed, the rear part of the truck was thrown to the right then hit the back part of the jeepney mashing the left hand of Catalino Bohol Balones, 44, married of Cariaga Street, Mercedes,  who was riding at the carrier of the passenger vehicle. His four fingers were cut off.

Aside from Balones, another passenger identified as Alainjan Rodriguez, 28, single who was riding also at the carrier, was hit in the back injuring him.

Vargas blamed the jeepney driver for driving recklessly as he forced his way into the highway without considering the other vehicles already using the priority lane.

The victim was rushed to the Zamboanga General Hospital in Pasobolong for treatment.

Both vehicles were impounded at the Culianan Police Station as investigation was still ongoing. – Dan Toribio