Elephant toothpaste, hot ice in DOST9’s rubber testing lab PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 17 July 2016 14:35

The Department of  Science and Technology-9’s  Rubber Testing Lab will  showcase twointeresting  exhibits during the  agency’s  Regional  Science  and Technology  Week      (RSTW)  in Dipolog city this July.    The   annual   event   will   feature   a   myriad   of   S&T   displays   from different agencies and organizations working with the DOST.    The Rubber Testing Lab will bring to audiences exhibits called “Elephant Toothpaste” and “Hot Ice”. The former - which is not actual toothpaste - involves the production of a large amount of thick, paste-like foam through a chemical reaction. The latter, involves “frozen”, but  in   actuality,   crystallized   vinegar   that   produce   heat   through   an exothermic process.    DOST       IX’s   Rubber Testing Lab provides  critical support  mechanisms for enhancing the competitiveness of the Philippines’ rubber industry.    To   date,   it   has   the   capability   to   test   for   seven   parameters,  namely Dirt content, Nitrogen content, Ash, Volatile Matter, Plasticity Retention Index, Mooney Viscosity and Color - all of which, provide  essential      information     on   rubber     crumb     quality   that   indicate    the handling and processing practices of a company.    To learn more about what DOST IX’s Rubber Testing Lab and  the    RSTW  has   in  store   for   you,   visit  the  Zamboanga        del   Norte Convention and Sports Center on July 25-27.        The event is open to all interested individuals (S&T enthusiasts, entrepreneurs,          students,      researchers,        inventors,       innovators, professionals   and   the   general   public).  ADMISSION   IS   FREE.

For details,   please   call  (062)   991-1024  look   for  John   Apolinario   and  Bon    Padayhag  or  email    at dost9info@gmail.com             or    visit  our Facebook        page       at   www.facebook.com/DOSTRegion9. — Bon Padayhag, DOST IX PT