Climaco bewails MNLFs arrival sans coordination PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 19 July 2016 13:49


Mayor Beng Climaco lamented the arrival of some Moro National Liberation (MNLF) members on their way to Sulu without advance information or any form of coordination with her office or the city government of Zamboanga.

Climaco said it was Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde who informed her Monday morning about the arrival of MNLF members on a convoy from the outlying provinces to the local wharf where they would embark a boat on their way to Jolo, the capital town of Sulu.

“So, we immediately called up Task Force Zamboanga commander Col. Juvymax Uy and he told us that they were able to escort the MNLFs to the wharfs. But, against this was not coordinated with me,” she said.

In times like this, Climaco advised the people of Zamboanga to calm down, stay vigilant and report it to the authorities so they can be alerted as well. “We also asked the police and the military to be always on guard.”

The chief executive also shared with City Legal Officer Jesus Carbon Jr., who saw nothing wrong with MNLFs passing by the city on their way to Jolo “for as long as they don’t do any infractions of the law.”

Just like any other ordinary citizens, Carbon said, the MNLF members are also citizens of the Philippines therefore their freedom of movement is guaranteed in the constitution.

He said MNLF members are not considered members of any subversive organizations “so they go freely move from one place to the other for as long as they make no infractions of the law.”

“May be they knew the President was going to Jolo to meet with MNLF Chairman Nur Misuari, so they went there as a show of force to the President,” Carbon said.

The city legal officer was particularly referring to MNLF members, just passing by the city on their way to Sulu, and not those currently jailed for their participation in the Zamboanga siege in 2013.— Vic Larato